Saturday, March 27, 2010

Zen and Tao Acoustic Cafe

Today I was talking again to some of the others in the Praise Team who say that they're going to miss me when I move, and they mentioned my guitar playing. It's not that I'm all that great a guitar player, but for some reason people really like the way I play, and before I even thought it, I just blurted out the words, "It's because other people just play the guitar, I LOVE the guitar!"

And it was only after I said the words did I realize it was true: I just love playing the guitar, I love touching the guitar, I love pressing my fingers against the strings, I love moving my fingers over the various frets, trying to make them work the way they're supposed to . . . I just love everything about the guitar!

Don't really know what all that means, except that most nights you will find me in the corner of the Zen and Tao Acoustic Cafe, playing for tips and cappucino.

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