Sunday, March 28, 2010

Overheard from Booth 3

1: Heard the VP dropped the F-bomb this week, everybody's in a panty tizzy-wad over it.

2: Really? I hadn't heard a thing about it.

1: Got a tweet about it from my neice, she's usually at the front of these rants, but I'm thinking what's the big deal anyway? People have cussed for centuries! In fact as long as there's been language there's been "foul" language.

3: The Bible says it's wrong - the mouth that praises God shouldn't be a mouth says spews slime.

2: Yeah, but since there are so few people PRAISING God anymore, why should anyone care?

1: Personally, I take the road that it cheapens you. I try to tell my seventh graders to stop calling each other a-hole and f-wad and all the rest by telling them that that's actually shows a lack of imagination. Find something better, more descriptive - something that hasn't been around for five hundred years.

3: You're right that it's cheap, it's the small minds that revert to namecalling.

2: Like the Republican Right?

1: Apparently like our VP!

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