Saturday, April 20, 2024

Overheard at Table 3: ChristoFascism Kills Leviticus

Just read an article by a man trying to spin Leviticus 14:33

Saying that to be kind to the foreigner was meant only to be kind to the "Ger" which is a foreigner who had specifically asked permission to be in the lands.

This is an attempt to apply it to modern-day America and his argument is that Liberals are trying to use the Scripture to justify open borders.

OK, on that second point, he is using a Strawman logical fallacy: stating that the Liberal use of scripture is promoting some sort of extreme existential threat.  This is simply a lie.  By adding that to his essay, one would easily be able to dismiss the rest of the essay by recognizing that the argument being made is in bad faith and with spurious intent.

However, let's give a bit of credence to the main argument, simply for arguments' sake:

He said that the kindness is only to be extended to the people who had asked for permission to be in the lands.

Immigrants on the southern border turn themselves into Border Patrol asking for asylum.  They are the modern equivalent of asking to stay in our land.

Additionally, the majority of "illegals" have simply overstayed their visa.  They, too, have asked to stay in our land.

A case can be made that the majority of immigrants to the USA have asked to stay in our lands.

Therefore, they fit into the definition of "ger" as the writer of the essay has stated.

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