Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Overheard at Table 1: Israel Bombs Entire Refugee Camp to Get to One Guy Underneath the Refugee Camp

So the headlines today read "ISRAEL KILLS HAMAS LEADER" ... but you read on and you find out that the Hamas leader was located in a tunnel UNDER a refugee camp.  Soooooo, essentially, Israel got to the Hamas leader by BOMBING the refugee camp.

Yet, the headlines do not read ISRAEL BOMBS REFUGEE CAMP.  

Do we see who is controlling the narrative here?

And no, all you racists, before you say, "It's THA JEWSSSS!" I will tell you, it's the government of Israel and of the United States.   Put away your Soros bogeyman and realize that this slaughter is the responsibility of a bellicose state and its arms-dealing benefactor.

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