Monday, September 25, 2023

Overheard at Table 3: Three Poems for Arboles de Fuego


To dream of
the shore, the black sand,
the birds in the palm trees
behind you,
as you gaze outward
to the Pacific:
the ocean blue
melds with the sky
and their marriage
renders each


The motion of bodies
in line
waiting for COVID tests
in Sonsonate that
day outside the
streets parked with
cars and packed
with people,
the smell of
diesel and pupusas
and beer flooded
the air and the
paint peeled back
from 18th century walls,
and the electrical cables
above the buildings were
like a tangulated web of
synapsed wires,
like a
coal-streaked brain
that had seen
too many


She said she needs a quick weekend away
to rest before her foot operation
And so, I booked a house in Texas Hills,
She said, “Thanks … but I need El Salvador”

Flowers can be transplanted to new soil,
But each petal will always yearn for home.


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