Saturday, July 22, 2023

Overheard at Table 2: The Code of the Executive

Perhaps it has since been revised and updated, but this 1997 edition is not only outdated, but it is a relatively insipid read.  While the idea is brilliant - to take the Bushido code and apply it to Executives (by this, he obviously means upper Management, those who have direct contact and responsible for support of the CEO)  - the actual advice reveals nothing new.  There are the ideas of studying your business even while not at work, making certain that your CEO is always prepared for meetings, that audio-visual for any conference has been tested, that you have your golf game adequate, etc.   

As I said: a bit pat, and now even a bit dated.  Yes, this book does speak to the need for absolute integrity, and yes, perhaps I was a bit ruffled when it suggests that I, as an Executive, shouldn't focus too much on my creative writing, but the one thing that I took away from this book was that time is short and my days are now shortening, and it does not good to waste precious time on books that I do not find enjoyable. 

So I haven't finished it.  Therefore, this can't be added to my list of 1,000 Books.  But I've read enough to put it here for the rest of you ... and hey, if it's been brought up to date, please let me know.

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