Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Overheard at Table 3: Co-Ed Dorms

Woke up to hearing Pastor Erwin Lutzer talking about how bad it is "these days" that co-ed dorms led some girl to sin.  He was saying she was a Christian and he said he was a Christian and he was pressuring her to have sex and she says they prayed and then they committed fornication. 

Sounds like most college days.

Absolutely!  Look, I know it's a sin, and I know what the Lord intended, and what's ultimately best, but what really galls me is these pastors acting like this is something new.

Co-ed dorms ain't new.

The sermon was probably from the 80s.  Don't know.  But regardless, he mentioned how "these days" there is so much immorality.  Look, I read once that in the 1700s in the Colonies, most first born babies were born 6 months after the wedding.  

Gee, didn't know pregnancies were so quick then.

That's because the girl had missed her period and THEN they got married!

I know.  I was KIDDING.

Oh, sorry.  Just get so worked up.

Well, you shouldn't.  I mean, it's just the birds and the bees.  That's how we all got here.

Just bugs me when pastors act like fornication is just something that "oh my GAWD what has the world become, we all used to be SO PURE and angelic in the mythical 50s!"


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