Sunday, June 19, 2022

Overheard at Table 4: Customer Service, or Nah?

It STILL amazes me that, for a country whose entire economy depends upon service, and after just having come out of TWO YEARS of lockdowns and disruptions in service jobs, that we STILL get crappy customer service: cashiers who act like you interrupting their precious phone time, baristas who look like they want to be home listening to music, hell, the woman at the store where I just got my glasses SIGHED audibly when I asked her to adjust the frames.  Dude at the phone store didn't even want to help me get my new phone set up to make sure it was working before I left.

I mean, I'm not a Karen, and I'm not looking for people to kiss my butt, but heck, man, let's have some basic customer service here.  At least people who TRY to help and don't act all put out when you ask them to do their jobs!

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