Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Overheard at Booth 3: The Male Writer and the Female Poet

Male Writer: I've challenged my students to deconstruct the patriarchy.

Female Poet: They shouldn't deconstruct the patriarchy.

MW: Why not?  I thought you would have liked to see the patriarchy deconstructed.

FP: Well, for one, it's already been deconstructed a million different ways to Sunday.  You're confusing deconstruction with demolition.  But still, I wouldn't even want that, either.

MW: SO, you're fine with the Patriarchy.

FP: No.   I just enjoy what I do.  And what I do is write poetry.  And every poem I write is a blow against the Patriarchy.

MW: And without it, you've lost your ... your muse?

FP: Something like that.

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