Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Overheard at Table 4: Liver and Cheese

Daughter, "Mom doesn't understand how tough it is to date."

Dad, "Yes, she does."

Son, "Hardly!  She probably only ever dated you!"

Dad, "And what's that supposed to mean, son?"

Son, "Well, come on, Dad, Mom's just not ... well, like THAT!"

Dad, "Hey kid, your mom was a steamin' hottie when I met her, and she's gotten hotter every day I've known her."

Daughter, "Ew Dad!  Gross!"

Dad, "Steamin'!"

Daughter, "Dad!  Really!"

Dad, "You kids never knew it, but your mom had a lot of guys trying to go out with her, but I always say I won her over with Liver and Cheese."

Son, "What the hell is 'Liver and Cheese'?"

Dad, "So glad you asked that, son!"

Daughter, "Why did you do that?"

Son, "Walked into that one."

Dad, "Whenever I knew some guy had designs on your mom, I would always find a way to meet up with the guy when she wasn't around, and I would say to them, 'Hey man!  Liver and Cheese!' and they would say, 'What?' and I would say:




Son, "I'm now wondering why she ever married you."

Daughter, "Really, Dad.  It's a frikkin' miracle that we're even here!"

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