Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Overheard at Table 3: The BFG

Billy: I loved it.

Joe: Isn't the guy who wrote that book now a Jew-hater?

Jim: Whaddaya mean by "now?"

Bob: Yeah, guy's been dead for decades.

Billy: Just read about it.

Joe: So, if he's anti-Semite, don't we gotta hate everything he's ever written?

Jim: And burn copies?

Bob: Yeah.  Been years since we've been to a good book-burning.

Billy: Can't we like the stuff but not have to like the guy?

Joe: I don't think it works that way.

Jim: Culturally speaking.

Bob: You can always enjoy the stuff in secret.

Billy:  I'm just saying, if the books are good and the movies are good, does it matter if the writer's a

Jew-Hater or a racist or whatever?

Joe: Oscar Wilde said "There are no moral or immoral books.  They are only well-written or poorly written.  Nothing else." 

Jim:  ... or something to that effect.

Bob: So I guess you can.

Billy: Just don't let anybody find out.

Joe: Good.  Because I thought The BFG was awesome.

Jim: What does BFG stand for anyway?

Bob: Big Friendly Giant.

Billy:  Good, because I was thinking something totally different.

Joe: I think everyone was.

Jim: Great movie anyway.

Bob: One of the few that the CG really MAKES the movie instead of just making the whole thing

look silly.

Billy: Like a cheap cartoon.

Joe: Exactly.

Jim: How close is the movie to the book?

Bob: Don't know.

Billy: Haven't read it.

Joe: I think we burned it.

Jim: Ha ha.  You're such a kidder.

Bob:... but, IS he kidding?  hmmmm.....

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