Thursday, April 6, 2017

Continuing the Various Lives of Keats and Chapman: Mulch

Chapman's wife had, for some time, wanted Chapman to work on their front garden.  The flower beds were overgrown with weeds and most of the plants looked sad and pathetic.

At the Zen and Tao Acoustic CafĂ© one day, Chapman told this to his friend and neighbor, Keats, if he might know of someone who could do some minor landscaping for him.  Keats said he would gladly take charge of the project.

The next Saturday, Keats showed up at Chapman's house with a load of mulch and a shovel, and he worked throughout the day to beautify the flower beds.

Chapman saw the work and thanked his friend, asking, "How much do I owe you?"

Keats replied, "You will need to bring a load of mulch to my house next Saturday and work all day on my yard."

Chapman, surprised, replied, "I thought I could just repay you for the mulch."

Keats, with a wise smile, told his friend, "My dear Chapman, to whom mulch is given, mulch is required."

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