Sunday, November 29, 2015

Overheard at Booth 1: Take Me Home (2011)

Billy: I liked it.

Joe: I thought it was kinda slow.

Jim: Slow in what way?

Bob:  You know, slow.  As in no explosions.

Billy: Why does a movie always have to have explosions these days?

Joe: I thought that's how it gets its ratings.

Jim: I say if you like Fandango you'll like this movie.

Bob: I don't think so.  Fandango had about 5 different characters, this one's only got two.

Billy: Yeah but in Fandango, one of the five was passed out the whole time, so there was really only four.

Joe: That's still twice the dialogue, twice the characterization . . .

Jim:  Twice the explosions.

Bob:  Were there any explosions in Fandango?

Billy: I think there was that rickety plane that looked like it was going to tear apart before it took off.

Joe: I thought we were supposed to be reviewing Take Me Home instead of Fandango.

Jim: Just shows you how much better Fandango was.

Bob: If you wanna compare movies, you should probably compare this to Elizabethtown.

Billy:  This was probably better than Elizabethtown.

Joe: Elizabethtown had a much better soundtrack.

Jim: As good as Fandango.

Bob:  Hm.  Hard to compare.

Billy: Film. Scenery. Dialogue.  Soundtrack,  Whatever.  Take Me Home was a pretty nice movie!  Sweet.  Kind.  And they didn't sleep with each other.

Joe: Well that just makes it unusual.

Jim: And pure fantasy!

Bob: Does that mean they'll play it on Lifetime?

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