Thursday, July 16, 2015

Overheard at Booth 3: No Hero(ine)

So you heard about Bruce Jenner at the award ceremony last night?  Hell I don't even know what award ceremony it was but he - or she - now we gotta call he a she! - was apparently breaking down crying talking about how transgenders need respect, well he's right - or she's right - about that.  They do need respect, but Jenner is no damn hero, let me tell you that.

Jenner's just some rich fuck out there to make a buck and he was probably tired of being on a reality show and being cast in the background like an old suitcase and seeing how everyone walked over him and now he's in the spotlight in the way he hasn't been since 1979, and he always enjoyed the spotlight and that's what he's going for.  He's no hero for transgender rights.

You wanna know who the TRUE transgender heroes - and heroines - are?  They're the kids, the high school kids, the junior high kids, who are trying to figure out who they are in this world and where their place is, and they're trying to figure it out, and they go to school every day.  Every. Single. Day.  KNOWING they're going to get smack, to get shit, to get bullied.

And yet they GO.  They face it every single day, just trying to get through because they know that this is what they gotta do to grow up and get the hell out of there.

They are the true heroes.  Not this rich guy who has all his meals handed to him on a silver platter, who's got more money than you or I or most of these TG kids will ever see in our lifetime.

Hero?  Heroine?  HELL!

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