Monday, March 30, 2015

Overheard at Table 4: Rick Perry vs. Vladimir Putin

Jose:  I heard Rick Perry on the radio last week and he was talking about throwing his hat in the ring for President.

Mack:  Great.  Now we'll have TWO of Texas's Worst and Dumbest running for the country's highest office.

Jose:  You'll love this.  He said - let me see if I can remember it right - I kid you not he said something just like this - "If I was in the same room with Putin, I would look him straight in the eye, and I'd say, 'Vladimir . . . the USA is gonna fill all Europe with natural gas, and I'm signin' that bill TOO-day.'  And then I would get up and walk out of the room."

Mack: What a goob.

Jose:  Yeah, but that crap plays so well in the public.

Mack: Nah . . . he'll never live down looking like a drunk car salesman in 2012.

Jose: If he's got the money behind him, he'll actually make it.

Mack: I have to admit, you did that smart ass Texas drawl of his pretty well.

Jose:  Thanks.  I've been practicing for when I run for Governor.

Mack: You'll have to change your name to Joe.

Jose: Not if I run in ten years.

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