Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Overheard at the Counter: Greece and Parts Unknown

Niall Carter: You know, for such a tiny little country, it sure has caused a lot of fuss on the world stage.   In the Euro - out of the Euro - take the bailout - piss on the bailout - austerity - no austerity - I mean, they're really just tearing up the economy . . .

Lucky Moran: ... and you're not just talkin' 21st Century.   History.   All over.

The Barista: I blame it all on their bare-chested goddesses.

Lucky:  Bare-chested goddesses are the best part of their culture.

Niall: Yeah, where would have the images on coins and flags be without bare-chested goddesses?

Lucky:  And milk!  Where would milk production be without bare-chested goddesses.

The Barista:  See, y'all are proving my point?

Niall: And what point is that exactly?

The Barista: You were talking about the effect of Greece's actions on the world economy and one mention of a bare breast and both of you are sucking at your coffee mugs like unweaned babies.

[a short pause]

Niall: Man, do I feel somewhat shamed.

Lucky: .... I'm weaned.

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