Monday, February 17, 2014

Overheard at Table 4: Atheists in the Hole

I can't really believe this atheist argument about God not being real because babies get abused, hurt, killed, tortured, whatever.   Now I can understand people wondering how God can allow that to happen, but what in the abuse of children means there is no God?   Man, all I see is evidence that people are shit.

and that's kind of what the Bible is trying to teach us.   I'm not going to back off it, no way.  People are shit - we are in the shithole, we worm around in the shithole, we wallow in the shithole, we eat from the shithole and we LOVE ourselves the shithole! 

That's why babies get killed, that's why the innocent get fucked, that's why people get raped and tortured and genocides happen.   God never said, I'm perfect so you're perfect too.   God said I love you, here's a world, go play in it and do whatever the hell you want to do, and guess what?


But that doesn't give any evidence that there is or is not no God.   All that is is evidence that we have free will and we use that free will for all kinds of sick shit.   Both atheists and Christians alike, along with everybody else.   

Now what really gets me is the people who think humanity is all that.   Like the top dog.   Seriously?   After all the sick shit we're capable of?   Get real, my friend.   Humanity ain't nothin.   Never will be.   Can - not - be.

and that is why Christians understand why people need Christ.    Cuz we just can't help ourselves.

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