Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Overheard at Table 4: Reading Out Loud from "Notes from Underground Revisited"


The dumb fly superfly on the by and by and the heartfelt belief that something is made out of something else, you fools, oh you fools, don't you realise that everything that is made is made of itself and the symbolism escapes you.

The hands that create the pot do not create the pot.   The pot is created from the clay and the glaze.   The hands merely shape the plot.   I mean the pot.   No, I mean the plot.   The story.   The story is the pot, the story is itself.   It has always been there.

By there I mean the somethere, the somewhere, the over the rainbow.   The writer does not create a damn thing, the writer merely snatches the words from somethere over the rainbow, brings it down to the page or the computer screen or the breath of the words spewed from the writer's mouth.

It is the mouth of the stream.   That stream is called "unconscionable."

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