Friday, April 6, 2012

At the Counter: Good Friday

Verble says, "You know, those Medieval painters certainly knew how to illustrate graphic depictions of physical pain."

Lucky Moran says, "That's because they had a really good idea about what physical pain was like. These guys lived this kind of torture."

John Steppenwolf says, "Yeah, nowadays we just thank Him for taking the pain for us. In those days they were using him as an example that pain could be survivable!"

Verble holds up his phone. "Look, here's a snapshot from Niall! He's standing at Calvary."

Steppenwolf, "Hm. Doesn't quite have the same feel with the shanty town apartment housing growing out of the side of the hill."
Lucky, "Two thousand years and you didn't expect any progress?"

Verble, "'Spose you're right. That's some prime real estate. Me, I wish I had the Garden of Gethsemene for a backyard, but maybe that's just incorrect wishing."

The Barista chimes in, "I think you're all really missing the whole point of the day. It's got nothing to do with paintings or places or pain. Today has nothing to do with anything we can see, feel, touch, remember, or even worship. It's all about sacrifice. Sacrifice for no other reason than a love that defies all logic and sanity."

"Wow!" says Lucky. "I didn't know you were that religious."

"I'm not," she replies. "I'm just respectful."

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